Good Robot Brewing Co.



Good Robot is lucky to partner with some sexy Halifax restaurants to allow you a culinary experience we are incapable of providing ourselves;

Black Sheep Restaurant

Monday-Friday: Beginning at 4pm

Black Sheep Restaurant owners John House and Dave Woodley fire up a rotation of small plates from their diverse and eclectic menu. These gents are beauties, and their rotating menu is no different: fried chicken in a honey ginger glaze, corn tostadas with refried beans and fish or tofu, and a house-made andouille sausage burger have rounded out some of their offerings.


Friday-Sunday: Beginning 12pm

Our friends Tony and Sam Rinaldo prepare gourmet hot dogs and fries and pair them with a sense of humour. While classically trained in Lyon and Montreal, Tony prefers the casual yet delectable (and foul-mouthed) style he discovered while cooking in Brooklyn. With a new themed hot dog every week, from the classic T-Mac with processed cheese and special sauce to the Thai dog with glass noodles and cilantro, these boys are very cool.